Arc Business Writing is affiliated with Arc Business Services, a multi-disciplinary business consulting firm that provides a wide range of vital Services for your company, museum, or non-profit. Included in our range of services are:

Arc Business Services can be the small but focused sales force you need to increase income streams while you stay focused on your core business operations. We put together clear sales plans and carry them out for you, engaging likely customers, marketing directly to them and doing the follow-up necessary to close deals and get signed contracts or purchase orders.

Our firm has done Market Research for real estate firms, commercial & residential property developers, a high-end civil engineering company, school districts, economic development entities, and a national historic site. If you need basic research done on potential target markets for your products & services, location studies for your expanding company or product viability studies, please contact Arc so we can discuss…

Arc Business Services can design an individualized Marketing Campaign for your business. We’ve done this for property developers, a heritage tourism site, a political campaign, and can do it reasonably for your growing firm. Call us for details…


As a commercial realtor in the Hudson Valley region, Arc’s owner has been called upon to do numerous site selection studies for active clients. Studies have been undertaken for commercial building sites, residential development, raw land, shovel-ready sites and others. Highly detailed Locational Studies for regional opportunities across the Eastern Seaboard have been done, resulting in the business expansion of a prominent engineering company to a new location.

If you have a great idea for a product, or have a product that needs to move out of R & D and into stores, Arc has business allies and resources that research patents, create licensing agreements, and do the groundwork for your successful launch. Arc can do basic product market research, looking into competitors, product challenges and opportunities while you tweak your project and get it ready for reality.

Arc has direct experience doing economic development studies for Economic Development entities and businesses requiring such data. If your Agency, Municipality or company would benefit from a professional, polished study based on regional, locale or site information & metrics, as well as direct interviews with leadership and anecdotal evidence, let’s talk…



When your museum or historical society needs research, interpretive exhibit text, collections inventory and accessioning services, newsletters or articles, grant writing, marketing services or policy development call us. With a degree in Anthropology, experience at archaeological digs, museum docent and archivist experience, we provide the hands-on services that your site needs.

“B.D.” is much more than sales. How it's done varies from firm to firm, and needs to be highly individualized to the offered services, products and target markets involved. Business development needs to fit comfortably into your firm’s “culture”, exercising your resources into an effort that will produce results without distorting your business model or stretching your resources too far. Arc is all about business development and each of the elements involved, for a successful effort to grow your income and business…

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