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October 2015: Arc Business & Writing Service wrote and submitted a NY State CFA Grant for the Yonkers Carpet Mills Arst District Project, which was awarded Priority Project status. The $18mm Project is requesting over $4mm in funding from Empire State Development and from NY State Tourism agencies.



August 2015: Arc Business & Writing Services client  Zumtobel Lighting  Wins  $706,000 NY CFA Grant


A business consultancy firm operating in the Hudson Valley, Arc Business & Writing Services, today announced that its client, Zumtobel Lighting, received $706,000 from a NY State Regional Economic Development Council grant. The competitive grant process known as the CFA (Consolidated Funding Application) facilitates the State’s selection of regionally significant economic development projects. The CFA grant application was written by Harv Hilowitz, with the assistance of Zumtobel staff and consultants, and with the support of local political and business leaders.


Zumtobel Lighting, located in Highland, NY, is a division of the Zumtobel Group, a global leader in high quality indoor and outdoor commercial lighting. Operating for over 60 years from its headquarters in Austria, the company develops innovative, custom lighting solutions that meet extremely exacting requirements in terms of ergonomics, economic efficiency, aesthetics and environmental compatibility. Zumtobel Group has an international presence in 23 countries and commercial agencies in more than 50 others, reporting a total income of Euro 1,246 billion in fiscal year 2013.


Zumtobel will use the grant money for retrofitting of its Highland facility, purchase of new equipment, and for “lean manufacturing” training of staff. Lean manufacturing is the systemic elimination of waste within a manufacturing process.  As waste is eliminated, quality improves while production time and cost are reduced. Lean can also mean improving the "flow" or smoothness of work, to eliminate wasting of time and materials.


Hilowitz said, “I am very grateful that the Hudson Valley Regional Council and the State took note of the importance of Zumtobel’s needs. The company is a major employer here and wants to remain here and expand. The R&D operations are cutting edge, and are part of the high-tech base of professionals we have in the area.”


Arc Business & Writing Services provides business consultancy, research, marketing and public relations services, business writing and grant writing to a wide range of client firms, including international companies, mid-size firms and one person start-ups. For more information contact Harv Hilowitz at 845-590-0925 or arc@arcbizwriting.com  


FOR PUBLIC RELEASE & FORWARDING, OCTOBER 2014                                                                                      Arc Business & Writing Services                                                      

 Client of The Foundation of the Child Victims of the Family Courts Files Federal

        Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Westchester County NY, DSS and Staff

A Federal Civil Rights law suit has been filed in US District Court, Southern District of NY, #ffffe8 Plains NY, on behalf of plaintiff Ms. Latonia J., and her minor child D.J., clients of The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts, v. Westchester County NY and the Department of Social Services (DSS), alleging deliberate indifference to the Plaintiffs' Constitutional rights, and pain and suffering for a period of over ten years. Plaintiff has asked to be awarded compensatory damages for alleged improper placement, improper medicating and withholding of appropriate education and psychiatric therapy for the child.

Westchester, New York October 7, 2014

A Federal Civil Rights lawsuit has been filed in United States District Court, Southern District of New York, #ffffe8 Plains NY, on behalf of plaintiff Ms. Latonia J., on behalf of her minor child D.J., clients of The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts. (Case 7:14-cv-07635 NSR; Complaint # 14 Civ. 7635 filed before Judge Roman.)

Defendants in the suit are Westchester County NY, and Rosa Hazoury, Elke Knudsen, and Lisa Colin, Esq. Defendants Hazoury and Knudsen are employees with Westchester County’s Department of Social Services (DSS). Defendant Colin had initially been appointed by the Family Court of Westchester County to represent the interests of Plaintiff DJ in a neglect proceeding against the Plaintiff, held before the Family Court.

The suit, brought by the Rubino Law Firm of Manhattan, alleges, “This is a civil rights action, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. §1983, in which plaintiffs seek damages to redress the deprivation, under color of state law, of rights secured them under the Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. Defendants removed plaintiff Latonia Jones’ infant child from her custody, without her consent, and proceeded to neglect the infirm child for eight years.”

The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts is a 501- C3 not-for-profit organization registered in New York. It is composed of an association of attorneys, forensic law investigators, therapists, counselors, pediatricians and other professionals who are dedicated to directly assisting parties who have been harmed by the abuses of the Family Court system, Social Service agencies and Child Protective Services across the country. Its main offices are located in Manhattan.

The Federal suit alleges that since May 2005 until the present day, the DSS Defendants committed wrongful acts against Plaintiffs including negligence, intentionally and negligently inflicting emotional distress, violating Plaintiffs' Constitutional and civil rights, plus assault, false imprisonment, neglect and abuse, and violations of NY State education law.


The lawsuit alleges a history of gross negligence and professional malpractice on the part of the Westchester Dept. of Social Services, regarding how it allegedly mishandled the removal of plaintiff Latonia J.’s children from the home, how it misdiagnosed the subject minor child, neglected to find proper treatment facility placement for the child, over-medicated, restrained and repeatedly separated the child from the mother, and failed to provide appropriate psychiatric therapy, family therapy, facilitation of contact with siblings or appropriate education for the child. Additionally, DSS allegedly failed to provide reasonable and proper counseling and preparation to ensure a successful foster home placement for the subject child throughout years in their care.


The suit identifies the County and the DSS Defendants, in their official and individual capacities, as allegedly engaging in legal malpractice, failing to exercise professional judgment, and of deliberate indifference to the Plaintiffs' constitutional rights, thus maliciously causing the violation of such rights.     As such, the Plaintiff has asked to be awarded compensatory damages for the alleged pain, suffering, emotional distress, loss of dignity, humiliation, and deprivation of basic human needs and rights endured by herself and her child.


The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts is focused on supporting the beleaguered parent who is fighting to have his or her fair day in Court on behalf of a child, who is far too often the unwitting victim of adult and official actions.






Harv Hilowitz

Arc Business & Writing Services

341 Bush Road

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   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEAS                                                                                                                         

 May 6, 2014 



Stone Ridge, NY—Arc Business & Writing Services has completed an in-depth study of the bio-ethanol industry for start-up JSB Biofuels of Middletown, NY.  The study, commissioned by the client, was to identify technologies,  opportunities and challenges in the industry, which has largely been driven by the impetus for America to become oil independent and use cleaner, renewable bioenergy sources for fuel. The first EPA clean fuel program established standards in 1973, gradually reducing the amount of lead in gasoline. Beginning with the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Federal mandates were set to use ten percent ethanol in gasoline, in order to lower overall greenhouse gases using renewable fuel sources.

The #ffffe8paper, entitled “Report on the Switchgrass to Biofuel Industry”, focuses on switchgrass, a perennial tallgrass which covered the Great Plains prairies until the rise of cattle ranching and corn and wheat farming in that vast region. Due to the unexpected consequences of using corn to create ethanol, entrepreneurs and researchers have turned to non-food crops such as switchgrass and algae as potential sources of next generation bio-fuels. The Federal government, and states such as NY, Michigan and Tennessee, have spent millions of dollars on incentives to identify new enzymic processes and commercialize cellulosic ethanol, the industry term for non-food ethanol.

JSB Biofuels owner, Kevin Collymore said of the report, “I’m re-reading it right now. It’s great, more than I expected, with valuable in-depth information on the industry as a whole and switchgrass in particular. We as Americans have to do everything we can to get off our addiction to oil-based carbon fuels and turn to sustainable, cleaner fuels available right here in the U.S., such as switchgrass.”  Currently there are 210 ethanol facilities in the U.S., with over 95% of them using only corn. As of early 2014, there were only three R&D pilot cellulosic ethanol facilities in the U.S., using wood byproducts and corn stalks. Only one operational facility is on-line, with three others to go on line later in 2014, all using wood or corn stalks, not switchgrass, which has a way to go before commercialization becomes feasible.

Harv Hilowitz is a published author, editor, and researcher, as well as the owner of Arc Business & Writing Services, a business consultancy firm, in Stone Ridge, NY.

For more information, please contact Mr. Hilowitz at  arc@arcbizwriting.com or 845-590-0925.




The Wappingers Central School District, one of the largest districts in the State with over 12,000 students and 14 schools, has just awarded VERTICON CONSTRUCTION SERVICES with a contract for a major project worth over $5,000,000.

Coming in with the low bid, but the highest quality, Verticon was named as G.C. Prime Contractor for the aggressively scheduled project, to be completed by mid-2015. The core scope of the project includes:

v  Constructing a new 16,000 SF Pre-Engineered Transportation Facility Building, including all site development work and interior bus lifts 

v  Constructing a new 1000 SF Driver Check-In Building 

v  Front Entrance Security System Upgrades at all 14 Schools 

v  Interior General Construction Work at 2 Schools 

v  Asbestos Abatement at 2 Schools 

v  Interior Doors, Frames & Hardware at 2 Schools 

Verticon does construction projects for schools, and for utility companies such as O&R/Con Ed, as well as for municipalities, property owners & private developers. The firm also has expertise in construction for the office & medical sectors, retailers, manufacturing, distribution & industrial sectors.


Verticon Construction Services is a full-service general construction firm, GC, project manager and consultant for site planning, pre-construction, renovation and design-build projects. Projects have ranged from construction of major industrial facilities to small office renovations, and everything in-between. Verticon assists clients with spot-on cost estimating, and by accessing financing and construction bonding through our relationships with AAA rated financial institutions and local community banks.                  Please visit our new website at  www.verticon.net     

For information contact: Harv Hilowitz      845-590-0925         arc@arcbiz.com  

Construction Services…

       24 Gilbert Street Ext.   Monroe, NY 10950         Economical ~ On-Time ~ On-Budget




Harv Hilowitz

Arc Business & Writing Services

341 Bush Road

Stone Ridge, NY 12484                                                                                                                                                                  



 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                             

 February 6, 2013 


                          2012 YEARBOOK PUBLICATION

Stone Ridge, NY— Local writer and business consultant Harv Hilowitz has a featured article in the newly published Dutchess County Historical Society’s 2012 Yearbook, the annual scholarly publication for that organization. Edited by Roger Donway and published by the Historical Society, this edition marks the 91st offering of the Yearbook, subtitled “Sects, Schisms and Dissent”.

Mr. Hilowitz’ article is a biography of Robert Newlin Verplanck, entitled “Civil War Hero in Changing Times”.  As a researcher for Mount Gulian Historic Site in Beacon, Mr. Hilowitz had the opportunity to read through R.N. Verplanck’s letters home to his family, written from Union Army encampments and battlefields of the Civil War. Verplanck was a much promoted #ffffe8 officer in the United States Colored Troops (USCT), the North’s black army of 200,000 volunteers led by #ffffe8 officers.

Hilowitz’ research led him to discover Verplanck’s attendance at the once prominent prep school, the Poughkeepsie Collegiate School, his academic and disciplinary record at Harvard, his business and real estate records, as well as his requests for a Civil War pension, not an automatic benefit at the time. His search also turned up his widow’s many requests for widow’s pension benefits, as well as surprising information about the place and time of her death, unknown until now to today’s descendant Verplanck family members.

A published writer, editor, researcher and owner of Arc Business & Writing Services in Stone Ridge, Mr. Hilowitz has contributed to the Site’s award-winning Living History presentations.

He is planning a lecture and book signing event later this Spring at Mount Gulian and at other nearby locations.

For more information, please contact Harv Hilowitz arc@arcbizwriting.com or 845-590-0925.



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